Baitul Hamd (House of Praise)
Baitul Huda (House of Guidance)
Baitul Islam (House of Islam)
Baitul Futuh (House of Victories)
Baitul Hafeez (House of the Protector)
Baitun Noor (House of Light)
Baitur Rahman (House of the Merciful)
Baitus Salam (House of Peace)
Fazl Mosque (Mosque of Blessings)
Mubarak Mosque (Mosque of the Blessed)
Darul Barakat (Abode of Blessings)
Darul Amaan (Abode of Security)
Nasir Mosque (Mosque of the Helper)
Baitul Afiyat (House of Peace and Security)
Baitul Mahdi (House of the Mahdi)
 Baitus Sami (House of The Hearer)
Al Mahdi Masjid (Mosque of the Guided One)
Sadiq Mosque (Mosque of the Truthful)
Baitul Ahad (Mosque of the One God)
Mahmud Mosque (House of the Praiseworthy)

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