Nusrat Jahan Mosque - Wa Ghana

Nusrat Jahan Masjid
Capacity: 400
Location: Wa, Ghana, Africa 

Nusrat Jehan Teacher Training College

Noor Mosque - Qadian Punjab India

Noor Masjid
Built: 1910
Capacity: 500
Location: Qadian Punjab India 

On 23rd April 1910, Hadhrat Hakeem Maulana Noor ud din (r.a.) inaugurated the Noor Mosque in Qadian, and led the Asr prayer.

On 14th March 1914, in the very same mosque, Hadhrat Mirza Bashir ud din Mahmood (r.a.) was chosen as the second caliph of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

Baitul Hamid - Dodoma Tanzania

Masjid Baitul Hamid
Capacity: 150
Location: Dodoma, Tanzania

Masjid Fazal - Tabora Tanzania

Fazal Mosque
Capacity: 350
Location: Tabora, Tanzania

Baitul Hadi Mosque - Hiatikulu Swaziland

Baitul Hadi
Capacity: 75
Location: Hiatikulu, Swaziland

Baitul Muqeet - Walsall UK

Baitul Muqeet
Location: Walsall, UK

This is an artist illustration of the Walsall Mosque, named Baitul Muqeet, by the Ahmadiyya Association UK for which the foundation stone was laid today, Sun 18 March 2012 by Khalifatul Messiah the V, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (AT), the supreme head of the worldwide Ahmadiyya movement in Islam.

This post will be updated once the mosque is completed.

Baitul Atta - Wolverhampton UK

Baitul Atta Mosque
Built: 2012
Capacity: 200
Location: Wolverhampton, UK

Ahmadiyya Mosque - Shianda Kenya

Ahmadiyya Mosque
Capacity: 100
Location: Shianda Kenya

Ahmadiyya Centre - Bangalore Karnataka India

Ahmadiyya Mosque
Capacity: 400
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Baitul Muzaffar - Detroit, Michigan, USA

Baitul Muzaffar
Capacity: 75
Location: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Baitur Rahman - Bogor Indonesia

Baitur Rahman
Capacity: 500
Location: Bogor, Indonesia

Baitus Sabuh - Frankfurt Hessen Germany

Baitus Sabuh
Location: Frankfurt, Hessen, Deutschland

These are the headquarters of Ahmadiyya Jamaat Germany. This is a multi purpose office complex serves the Jamaat Germany with office space, event and prayer halls. It has served as Jamia Ahmadiyya Germany until the new Jamia was opened in December 2012.

Ahmadiyya Mosque - Kampala Uganda

Ahmadiyya Mosque Kampala
Capacity: 750
 Location: Kampala, Uganda