Baitul Wahid - Feltham London UK

Baitul Wahid 
Built: 2012
Capacity: 700
Location: Feltham, London, UK


  1. Assalamualim,
    I was near heathrow airport and feltham baitul wahid mosqe was the nearest for me to attend the jummah prayer. I highly appreciate that you have mentioned everything on the website, blog etc as to how much capacity the mosque holds etc, but sadly it was not mentioned anywhere as to where the mosque is situated. So i kindly request you that please do mention the address as there are many other people who want to attend prayers if near feltham, so address is important.


  2. Baitul Wahid Mosque
    Snakey Lane
    Feltham, Greater London TW13 7NY
    United Kingdom

  3. Salam, I also wanted to go there but cozld not find out the telephone number or the prayer timings. Would be great if this could be published somewhere as well. Jazakallah.