Darul Zikr Mosque - Lahore Pakistan

Darul Zikr Mosque
Location: Lahore, Pakistan

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  1. I have found Ahnadis true picture of Islam and true practicing Islam people. I have asked even their children, Their kalima is same as ours and thery beilieve in Khatme nabuwat and live their lives according to Hazrat Mohammas PBUH.
    They just believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was the same Masiah maood who was prophesised by our Nabi kareem 1400 years ago. They believe that Ahmadiyat is a revival of the same Islam. How can then we call them Kafir. Who are we and who gives the rights to call them non muslims. just some politicians who themselves live in cuppution, alcoholism and deception? Maulvis should and must not play Gods. There is Allah and only Allah has the right to take someone's life not us.How can we justify kiilings of people who were simply saying namaaz ? THINK