Maryum Mosque - Galway Ireland

 Maryum Mosque
Built: 2014
Capacity: 300
Location: Galway, Ireland

The mosque will be named Maryum Mosque (Mary Mosque). The first Mosque in Ireland by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association will inshAllah be inaugurated later this year by his holiness Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifa tul Masih V. The project consisted of the construction of a Mosque and store with associated site works. Works on the mosque comprised of a single story building with an open upper floor. The building comprised of offices, toilets, halls and a double height prayer room. The building also included two zinc covered domes. A large dome over the main prayer hall, and a smaller dome over the eight sided minaret which is a common feature in Muslim Architecture.


  1. AA Our Masjid is coming along nicely. It will be ready in August first or before Insha Allah. I have some more up to date pics if you would like and you can post one here.


  2. Ireland is indeed a very welcoming country - given that we Christians are not allowed to bring Bibles or religious items into Saudi Arabia. We can not promote our religion in Muslim countries either.

  3. Love for all Hatred for none. I m an Ahmadi. Thanks to Irland for let us Build the Mosque.
    All peoples are Weilcome. .....................

  4. congratulation on your beautiful mosque. i want to send a gift to your mosque. would you like?i think that is miss.and i have this. contect me 00923009661394 faheem mirza

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  6. Peace be unto you!
    I'm studying architecture and looking for some good quality images of Maryam mosque showing interior, top-view and a two-point-perspective. Can you please make it available for me..?