Nasir Mosque - Gillingham Kent UK

Nasir Mosque
Built: 2014
Capacity: 300
Location: Gillingham, Kent, UK 

The Medway Mosque located in Gillingham has been completed and inaugurated officially by his holiness Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (adba), the fifth Khalifa of the Promised Messiah (AS) on Saturday 1st of March 2014. The Gillingham Chapter of the UK Ahmadiyya Jamaat is also celebrating its 50th year anniversary this year (1964-2014). This mosque was entirely funded by the Gillingham Jamaat members. See the transformation of the property from being Nasir Hall, which was used for congregational prayers, events and meetings, to Nasir Mosque in the pictures above. 


  1. Mashallah after 50 years you have a proper mosque to go to and please take care of it for generations to come.

  2. MASHALLAH ! Congratulations to Gillingham Jamaat!

  3. MashAllah! The mosque looks amazing. The whole area is uplifted by this building. it is a marvellous transformation! Well done to all involved with this project...generations to come will be grateful for this mosque.