Al Nusrat Mosque - Montreal Quebec Canada

Al Nusrat Mosque
Capacity: 800
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

In December 1995, the Al Nusrat Mosque, moved to this location on the shores of St Lawrence River. It was a large rectangular building, providing a panoramic view. There were two main floors overlooking the river and a basement. The three floors provided about 10,000 square feet of space, with adequate washrooms on each floor and wudu (ablution) facilities. The main floor was carpeted and was used for prayers and seminars. The second floor had classrooms, kitchen facilities, and four guest rooms. There were separate entrances for men and women. 

This building has been sold by the Ahmadiyya Community in 2012, and a new site has been acquired. We shall update this post as new information and pictures emerge. 

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