Masjid An-Nashir - Bandung Indonesia

Masjid Un Nasir 
Built: 1948
Capacity: 500
Location: Bandung, Indonesia  

After an attack by extremists on the Mosque in 2012, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Bandung Indonesia has plans to redevelop the Mosque as shown by the second picture.


  1. It's built on 1948, and its name is An-Nashir not Un Nasir.

  2. Beautiful Mosque. May Allah fill this Mosque with worshippers. Let this be a sign of PEACE.

  3. I'm sorry, the year of built is in 1948, not 148. And also this mosque is damaged badly during Bandung Sea of Fire, and has been rebuilt and renovated 2 times. This mosque is the place of First Indonesian Lajna Imaillah Congress in 1950, the birth of Lajna Imaillah Indonesia.